When Lingnan Cultural Heritage Meets the Beauty of High Watchmaking

Vacheron Constantin Celebrates the Opening of its Largest Flagship Boutique in China at Taikoo Hui Guangzhou

  • Vacheron Constantin recently announced its new flagship boutique in Taikoo Hui, Guangzhou, the largest in China to date. A perfect blend of Chinese traditional heritage with Western modernity, it embodies the Maison's sincere respect for traditional Chinese culture and art.
  • For the first time in China, the boutique features an interactive installation called "Chronogram", which digitally presents Vacheron Constantin's historical documentation of almost 270 years.
  • The grand opening was highlighted by a stunning showcase of traditional Chinese art forms such as a Konghou performance, live calligraphy demonstration, dragon dance and eye-dotting ceremony, all infused with Lingnan characteristics, showcasing Vacheron Constantin's profound attachment to Chinese culture.
  • To celebrate the new Flagship Boutique, a selection of Les Collectionneurs watches are on display for the first time in Guangzhou, inviting discerning connoisseurs and vintage watch collectors to discover their favorite pieces through a close-up experience.

Vacheron Constantin, the luxury Swiss watchmaking Maison, is proud to announce the grand opening of its new flagship boutique at Taikoo Hui Guangzhou, a high-end commercial and office complex in the heart of the thriving city. As the Maison's largest boutique in China, it will bring extraordinary timepieces and services to the area. The grand opening ceremony kicked off with enchanting melodies from the ancient Chinese harp Kanghou, amazing guests with an array of performances such as a calligraphy show, dragon dance and eye-dotting ceremony. To mark the occasion, an exclusive exhibition was unveiled, showcasing for the first time in Guangzhou a specially curated selection of Les Collectionneurs timepieces. Displayed for a limited period of one month, these vintage masterpieces from the 20th century provide a window into the Maison's "One of Not Many" legacy of watchmaking excellence throughout three centuries of history.

A Deep Bond with Guangzhou
Since its first trade relations with China in 1845, Vacheron Constantin has been committed to promoting and fostering the international expression and appreciation of Chinese culture. Deeply rooted in art and history, many of its timepieces are inspired by Chinese art and craftsmanship. With the grand opening of the new boutique at Taikoo Hui Guangzhou, the largest in China to date, the Maison aims to offer a fun-filled timepiece journey in Guangzhou through an exquisitely arranged curation of experiences. 
As a special highlight, the flagship boutique features a captivating mix of Guangdong province’s Lingnan cultural elements. A fusion of the traditional touches and the contemporary design shed a light on the Maison's deep bond with the historic city of Guangzhou. 
Upon entry, visitors are immediately drawn to a blue-tiled wall inspired by the roof tiles of the traditional Lingnan architecture “Huo’er House”, symbolizing prosperity and abundance in local folklore. Further inside, the VIP lounge is enlivened by the fluid strokes of the Chinese-style landscape paintings “The Island of Penglai” and “the Palace of Nine Perfections” in antique blue and green hues. The blend of intricate Chinese artistry and Western elegance creates a unique and harmonious aesthetic within the boutique.

The ground decoration is based on Botticino marble, with fan-shaped Rosa Levanto marble embellishing it, evenly surrounding the display cabinets, creating a dazzling effect. Fans have important significance in traditional Chinese culture, symbolizing etiquette and grace, wisdom and talent. By incorporating fan shaped patterns into the ground design, they add a touch of vitality and dynamics, creating a unique halo visual effect for the flagship boutique. 
The boutique also features, for the first time in China, an interactive installation – "Chronogram". Through engaging interactions, connoisseurs are taken on an immersive journey through the Maison's nearly 270 years of history and its exquisite creations. Developed in collaboration with École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne(EPFL), one of the world’s leading polytechnic institutes, the installation is equipped with a sensor-based smart screen which digitally presents Vacheron Constantin's substantial body of archives accumulated since 1755, allowing visitors to dive into a world of extraordinary timepieces and marvel at the Beautiful High Watchmaking.

Harmony of Music and Art: Grand Opening Event
On the day of the opening ceremony, guests were treated to a Kanghou performance. With a history spanning over two thousand years, the traditional Chinese plucked string instrument gradually disappeared after the 14th century, before it was revived in the 20th century in the form of a double-bridge harp. Using this historical instrument, the performance of the famous Cantonese melody "Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon" set the tone for the grand opening. The music vividly depicted the captivating beauty of the vast sky with an ethereal clarity, resembling the sound of a mountain spring, slowly narrating the Maison's nearly 270 years of high watchmaking heritage and its on-going dedication to artistic and cultural innovation.
Accompanying the music was a live traditional Chinese calligraphy performance by renowned artist Mr. Zhu Jingyi. A gem in the treasure trove of Chinese culture, the art of calligraphy is deeply rooted in thoughtful artisanship, which also characterizes Vacheron Constantin’s watchmaking artistry. With his powerful strokes, the calligrapher created a stunning piece which read ““粤启新春,龙定乾坤”(Dragon Brings the Reinvigorating Energy of Spring to Guangdong)”. The artwork incorporates distinctive Lingnan elements as a nod to Chinese traditional culture and symbolizing the Maison’s aspirations for charting a new chapter in Guangdong.
The calligraphy piece also featured the drawing of a dragon, to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, and infuse the newly opened boutique with the majestic energy and vitality of the Dragon. Amid the rhythmic drumbeats reminiscent of the sounds of wind rustling through pine trees, the dragon’s eyes were dotted in red by Jenny Gu, CEO of Richemont China, and Jessica Huang, General Manager of TaiKoo Hui Guangzhou, to symbolize giving life to the dragon. Leo Yang, Managing Director of Vacheron Constantin China, stamped the work as a finale to the “dragon dance and eye-dotting” ceremony, to spread blessings and good fortune to the new flagship boutique at Taikoo Hui Guangzhou and the local community.

“We are delighted to welcome watch lovers and connoisseurs to our new flagship boutique at Taikoo Hui Guangzhou, to closely appreciate the technical excellence and refined aesthetics of Vacheron Constantin.” said Mr. Leo YANG, Managing Director of Vacheron Constantin China. “With this new boutique, we are able to strike a deep, genuine resonance with the local audiences, to seamlessly connect the cultural roots of Guangzhou and the Maison's watchmaking heritage, and to exemplify the Maison’s openness to diverse cultures. Looking ahead, we will remain passionately committed to art and culture, continuing to deliver exquisite timepieces and unparalleled experiences to our clients, to convey the beauty of time with boundless creativity."

The First Ever “Les Collectionneurs” Exhibition in Guangzhou
To add some flair to the grand opening ceremony, a selection of “Les Collectionneurs” pieces are on display for the first time in Guangzhou, paying tribute to the deep connection between the time-honored watch manufacturer and the historical city of Guangzhou. Since 2008, Vacheron Constantin has made the world of vintage watchmaking its specialty through its Les Collectionneurs range which provides a window onto the 20th century world of the Maison. Now, connoisseurs have the opportunity to experience these vintage timepieces at the Taikoo Hui Guangzhou flagship boutique, each specially selected, restored and authenticated by Vacheron Constantin’s Heritage experts. 
The rich and varied selection includes exemplary watches from the 1940s through to 2000, which encompass both ultra-thin or complicated calibres and original displays. Collectors will thus be able to find highly sought-after chronographs from the 20th century, as well as artistic craft watches, Grand Complication timepieces and three-hand models equipped with outstanding movements. A closer look at the distinctive features of these watches highlights the wealth of Vacheron Constantin's production through the ages.

Among them, the 18K yellow gold watch (reference 4642), launched in 1953, is an example of post-war watchmaking. The simplicity of the vertical satin silver dial, embellished with a small seconds hand with simple markers, completes the sense of great watchmaking expertise. 
Created in 1995 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of Flemish mathematician and geographer Gerhard Mercator, the “Mercator” bi-retrograde watch in 950 platinum (reference 43050) is characterized by an intricately hand-engraved and enamelled dial which reproduces the maps drawn by Mercator himself. Featuring a bi-retrograde display indicated by compass-shaped hands, the watch flaunts its originality while remaining sophisticated.

The stainless steel Overseas I watch with integrated bracelet (reference 42050) from 1998 is the perfect illustration of Vacheron Constantin's contemporary sports watches, with an original design combining elegance with sports appeal, reminiscent of the famous “222”. Featuring a stainless steel case surrounding an anthracite dial, this timepiece from the Overseas I range is highly collectible, exuding a timeless appeal. It bridges two eras, drawing on the best of both. 
The 18K yellow gold tourbillon watch with power reserve indicator (reference 30050/000J) was born in 1999 from a decision made by Vacheron Constantin in the early 1990s to develop its first tourbillon wristwatch of the modern era. Its guilloché dial is characterized by a perfectly symmetrical architecture, while the transparent caseback allows the tourbillon to be seen. Remarkably thin for a tourbillon model, it is an elegant and highly desirable piece of fine watchmaking. 
Created in 2000, the yellow gold "Historiques" chronograph watch (reference 47111) combines the aesthetic codes of the 1940s with 21st century technology. This piece is intended for collectors of vintage pieces benefiting from watchmaking developments of the 21st century.

The opening of the new flagship boutique at Taikoo Hui Guangzhou marks a significant milestone for Vacheron Constantin. Following the trend of commercial development in Guangzhou, the Maison has taken a significant stride in expanding its footprint in southern China with the new flagship boutique. Here, every connoisseur can discover Vacheron Constantin's unbounded creativity in fusing cultural ingenuity and exquisite craftsmanship. Marking its grand opening, the diversity of traditional Chinese cultural performances demonstrated the Maison’s genuine respect for Guangzhou's unique cultural heritage, while nodding to its long-standing bond with China. Artistry, time and heritage converge at this exquisite space, where Vacheron Constantin’s horological saga spanning nearly three centuries is told. Visitors are invited to experience, admire, and immerse themselves in the “One of Not Many” cultural and artistic realm of the Maison, while diving deeper into its multifaceted world of high watchmaking through the 'Les Collectionneurs' selection of vintage timepieces. 

Boutique Location 
Vacheron Constantin Flagship Boutique at Guangzhou Taikoo Hui 
Address : 209A, 2nd Floor, Taikoo Hui, 383 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province 
Business hours : 10:00 to 22:00 
Tele. : 020-3880 8007