Vacheron Constantin showcases High Watchmaking virtuosity in the city of Hong Kong, with an exclusive unveiling of TIMEFLUX∞

  • An immersive and experiential journey to celebrate Vacheron Constantin’s Haute Horlogerie heritage and its virtuosity in High Watchmaking complications 
  • Exclusive unveiling of “TimeFlux∞”, a multisensory interactive installation from a bespoke art series by h0nh1m/Chris Cheung, Hong Kong-based new media and audiovisual artist 
  • A perfect showcase to exemplify the infinite complexity and dimension that the science and art behind High Watchmaking complications perpetuate and recurse

Hong Kong SAR, China, September 2022 – Vacheron Constantin hosts a High Watchmaking Event at Asia Society Hong Kong in a spectacular showcase of their Haute Horlogerie credentials asserted through ground-breaking timepieces and complications. For almost 270 years of uninterrupted production, the Manufacture has honed their High Watchmaking craft and expertise, pushing the boundaries with their innovation-driven forward vision that at the same time remains respectful to an artisanal art that is centuries old. This year, in celebration of its never-ending quest for excellence, innovation, and artistry, Vacheron Constantin is partnering with acclaimed new media and audiovisual artist, h0nh1m (born Chris Cheung Hon Him), for a series of trans-disciplinary art installations in the city of Hong Kong entitled “TimeFlux”. The first of these installations, “TimeFlux∞”, is unveiled exclusively at the High Watchmaking Event, to be followed by “TimeFlux9”, which will be showcasing at the Maison’s Ocean Terminal flagship.

The Timelessness in Time’s Dynamic Lifeform 
Entitled “TimeFlux”, honh1m’s series of trans-disciplinary art installations for Vacheron Constantin is inspired by the infinite complexity and dimension that the perfect combination of science and art behind the Maison’s High Watchmaking complications perpetuate and recurse. 

“TimeFlux” will explore the infinite extremity of the fluxes of time in the artistic expression of ferrofluid, a colloidal liquid made of nanoscale ferromagnetic particles. h0nh1m will apply these particles in his work as the quantum, “the molecules of time” as he puts it, which will be activated in the time module glass container by a collective kinetic force of magnetic movements. h0nh1m explains, 
“In the realm of physical boundaries, time is relative. My interpretation of time is both dynamic  and static. I wish that through this art installation, the audience can take a moment to pause and reflect, to immerse and feel an alternative completeness of time in timelessness.” 

The artist automates the poetic fluidity of “time” in the “time module” with a fractal algorithm which he created with a robotic arm and a special programming computation that he designed in his studio. “Fractal” is a type of mathematical shape that is infinitely complex and never-ending. They are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop, giving the installation a mesmerizing visual appeal. This captivating moment becomes the static timelessness that is the counter to the dynamism and unstoppable nature of time that is h0nh1m’s brilliant creation, in tribute to his admiration for Polish-born French-American mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, and his book “The Fractal Geometry of Nature”. 

h0nh1m’s reverence for Eastern and Western philosophy is central to his practice with technological intervention. “A fractal is a pattern that repeats forever, and every part of the fractal, regardless of how zoomed in, or zoomed out it is, it looks very similar to the whole image. It can be found in so many different aspects of life, like in nature, in science, and in art. The fractal mathematics Mandelbrot that pioneered has indeed inspired many scientists and artists of different disciplines.”


Time and Timelessness in Infinity 
During the High Watchmaking event, “TimeFlux∞”, the first installation from the bespoke art series “TimeFlux” for Vacheron Constantin, will be unveiled to officiate the Maison’s artistic collaboration with h0nh1m/Chris Cheung. 
“TimeFlux∞” invites guests to immerse and experience h0nh1m’s expression of time through the centerpiece orb sculpture, where time’s fluidity and timelessness, in the form of the gold ferrofluid time module, move recursively in relation to the audiovisual fractal geometry soundscape inside the infinity mirror room. h0nh1m adds, 
“Time to me is fractal, which is infinite in an expanding structure which gets to become more  detailed at a close glance, and yet it also contributes to the beauty and complexity of the overall  structure. What fascinates me in Haute Horlogerie is the infinite complexity and dimension that  the perfect combination of science and art behind high watchmaking complications perpetuate and recurse.” 

Whilst this experiential installation dedicated to redefining time within a high watchmaking horological world of wonders was sure to satiate even the most dedicated of watch connoisseurs and art enthusiasts, there were also other elements of the event to be enjoyed – including a photo-booth that allowed guests to explore the fractal theme further with kaleidoscopic images, a dedicated bar, DJ booth and watch appreciation areas; all designed to highlight the science and art theme of the High Watchmaking event.


“Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles, and bark is not smooth, nor does lightning travel in a straight line.” 
Benoît Mandelbrot 
To truly understand time, one must fully immerse into the realm of its full entirety. As inspired by the Mandelbrot set in Fractal, we learnt that Nature exhibits not simply a higher degree but an altogether different level of complexity. Our world is bound by the laws of physics, considering going beyond the limitations, say spinning through a gyroscope, the anti-gravitational behaviour can demonstrate the perpetual motion within the mechanics. Time is now stationary. 
Timeflux∞ is an interactive installation to explore this artistic accent of stillness of time in motion.

Artistic Collaboration 
The blending of watchmaking virtuosity and inspired art allows a vibrant exchange of thoughts and inspiration that continues driving the extremely skilled craft of high watchmaking the Swiss Manufacture is known for. Whilst the technology of a craft that is centuries old can be said to be limited by what one can fit on their wrist, the ideas that push the art forward is only limited by one’s own imagination. This is the attitude that allows Vacheron Constantin to remain on the forefront of true Haute Horlogerie, and it is a position that the Maison has consistently held for nearly 270 years of uninterrupted service to the industry. 

267 Years of Watchmaking Excellence 
Founded in 1755, Vacheron Constantin has faithfully perpetuated a proud heritage in Haute Horlogerie at the pinnacle of horological virtuosity and stylistic sophistication. It is deeply rooted in the Maison’s DNA that we champion artistry, agility, and human interaction. 
Our never-ending quest for excellence, innovation, and artistry has therefore initiated many artistic and cultural partnerships with visionaries and devotees around the world who share the same passion and values. 

Hong Kong-based New Media Artist 
Born Chris Cheung Hon Him, h0nh1m is best known for installation art and audiovisual performance, whose artistic expression depends upon electronic, sound, image and creative technology in new media. 

His recent works include:
- “Waving Script” (2022), an artificial intelligence and data art installation that has just debuted at the newly opened Hong Kong Palace Museum, Hong Kong SAR 
- “InkFlux - Flowin’ In the Wind” (2021), winner of Interactive Arts Excellence Awards at the Asia Digital Art Awards in Fukuoka, Japan 
- Juror Recommendation at Japan Media Art Festival (2021) 
- “RadianceScape Live!” (2020), winner of the Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Giga Hertz Awards in Karlsruhe, Germany