Vacheron Constantin ‘One Of Not Many Mentorship Program’ in the Middle East

  • Vacheron Constantin launches the “One of not many Mentorship Program” in the United ArabEmirates, in collaboration with Zayed University
  • A new educational initiative aiming at empowering young women.
  • Six inspiring Emirati women to guide six senior undergraduates through a six-month journey ofobservation, exploration and experimentation
  • A collaboration between Vacheron Constantin and the Emirati couture Maison, Mauzan, whichdesigned 7 unique abayas inspired by the Maison’s Égerie collection.

Dubai, 20th October 2020 - Vacheron Constantin introduces the ‘One of not many MentorshipProgram’, a new educational initiative in collaboration with Zayed University aiming at empoweringyoung Emirati women.

For more than 265 years, the creative universe of Vacheron Constantin has been graced with feminineinterpretations whilst capturing the spirit of its times. The Maison has always devoted great importance tomeeting and exceeding women's expectations as reflected through its rich heritage of feminine timepieces.More recently, the Maison launched a collection fully dedicated to women. Born from the conjunction betweenthe two worlds of Haute Horlogerie and Haute Couture, Égerie reflects today’s modern woman: inspiring,independent and charismatic. The Égerie moon phase jewellery, its latest addition entirely bedecked indiamonds, take place at the highest level of craftmanship and femininity, with a 37mm white gold case, a dial anda bracelet studded with 1,344 brilliant-cut diamonds.

As part of its feminine journey, Vacheron Constantin proudly reveals the ‘One of not many Mentorship Program’in the Middle East, an initiative created to inspire and empower young women. The program beautifullymirrors the spirit of the Maison, faithfully perpetuating a proud heritage of know-how, passion, creativity andcraftsmanship.

Her Excellency Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, Minister of Culture and Youth, President of Zayed Universitycommented “One of Not Many Mentorship Program is an illustration of the dedication of Emirati women towardsthe development of their country. For a country to see substantial impact in any industry, the UAE has rooteditself in empowering its women through countless approaches - we are firm believers that women are a corepillar of our society. The program is a one of a kind learning opportunity for our students to work closely withbrilliant female leaders in the UAE. I’m certain that this experience will be an extraordinary one for them, as theywill get to learn directly from the source and they will be able at the end of the program to be more empoweredto make decisions, identify goals and establish a sense of direction for their own careers and ambitions.”

She added: “I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the creators of this initiative - Tea Before Noon,Vacheron Constantin and Richemont group for collaborating towards their commitment to empowering women.I would like also to express my appreciation for the 6 mentors who will be dedicating their time and effort toenrich the experience of our students and upgrade their academic journey for this year with counsels andinstructions”.

Six Inspiring Female Mentors

The ‘One of Not Many Mentorship Program’ is launched in collaboration with the prestigious ZayedUniversity and Hala Al Gergawi, Founder and CEO of the local luxury consultancy, Tea Before Noon.

The program will give a unique opportunity to six ambitious senior undergraduate students to be mentoredby six inspiring and successful Emirati women. Aligned with the United Arab Emirates government’s visionand mission, the program aims to empower the role of youth in the community and encourage women tocontinue pursuing their dreams to attain their ultimate goals.

The six mentors to take part in this one-of-a-kind educational program are: Rafia Helal Bin Drai, Founderand Fashion Designer of Mauzan, Hala Al Gergawi, Founder and CEO of Tea Before Noon, Latifa Al Gurg,Fashion designer and Founder of Twisted Roots, Alia Al Shamsi, Author and Artist, Salama Al Shamsi,Founder of Salama’s restaurant and Noora Shawqi, Jewelry Designer and Founder of Noora Shawqi.

“We have always been surrounded by leading Arab women and now, we are honoured to be collaboratingwith them through the ‘One of Not Many Mentorship Program’ with the prestigious Zayed University.Alia, Hala, Latifa, Noora, Rafia and Salama are such talented and inspiring women, each paving the way forthe younger generations. We are very excited to witness them guide their selected students through theprogram, encouraging them and making a difference to their promising professional journey” commentsAlexander Schmiedt, Regional Brand Director at Vacheron Constantin.

Bridging together the worlds of Haute Couture and Haute Horlogerie with its feminine collection Égérie,Vacheron Constantin has collaborated with the talented Emirati couture designer and founder of Mauzan,Rafia Helal Bin Drai. Rafia is not only a mentor taking part of the ‘One of Not Many Mentorship Program’,but also she will design a capsule collection of 7 unique abayas inspired by the recently revealed Égériecollection timepieces, reflecting high craftsmanship, passion, creativity and concern for details. Known tobe a true local couturier and empowering women through beautiful designs, Rafia’s passion and creativityresonated with the Maison.

The Mentorship Experience

The mentorship journey will begin on November 2020 with a 3-week recruitment period. Based on theircareer aspirations, students will have the chance to apply through the Zayed University website to beguided by the mentor of their choice in the hope of being selected amongst the six final students.

The six duos will embark on a journey that will provide regular one-to-one sessions with their mentor,allowing them to observe, explore and experiment in a professional environment. Together, the mentorsand the students will set the goal for this Mentorship Program to offer a tailored plan for each student inaccordance with their objectives and helping them achieve their own professional destiny. Throughoutthe six months, the mentors will generously share their own experiences, career advice, and guide thementee to discover the reality of their own field. The end of this unique program will also lead to a potentialopportunity whereby any of the six selected students would take part of another enriching learningexperience during an internship with Vacheron Constantin.