Vacheron Constantin Announces The Launch Of Hekaya 1755, An Immersive Brand Discovery Launching In Riyadh, KSA From February 27 To March 8

  • Vacheron Constantin announces the launch of its first Riyadh-based brand discovery experience, Hekaya 1755. 
  • The event runs from 27 February to 8 March 2023 at Diriyah. 
  • A unique and interactive journey invites guests to take a closer look at the Maison’s heritage, craftsmanship and 
    technical excellence. 
  • This ten-day event honors the heritage of the kingdom through the lens of haute horlogerie, art and culture.


Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 27th February, 2023: Vacheron Constantin, the luxury Swiss watchmaking Maison with nearly 270 years of expertise and continuous history, announces the launch of Hekaya 1755, a brand discovery that pays tribute to the country, combining haute horlogerie excellence with Saudi heritage. Located in Diriyah, the birthplace of Saudi Arabia, the immersive experience will run from 27 February to 8 March, 2023.


Hekaya 1755 

“Hekaya” is an Arabic word meaning “tales”, which ties perfectly to Vacheron Constantin’s rich heritage and history of crafting exceptional timepieces since 1755. This name encapsulates the purpose of the exhibition as it celebrates the Maison’s long-standing relationship with the Kingdom also known as the land of stories due to its rich cultural heritage and the many tales and legends. 
Entangled with local customs and traditions, the journey is divided into four areas which tell a story of the Maison from different perspectives: ‘What Do You See?’, ‘Look Back’, ‘Look Closer’ and ‘Look Forward’. These immersive spaces invite guests to explore a more in-depth understanding of the Maison and its yearly theme, “The Anatomy of Beauty©”, as well as watchmaking excellence. 
“Hekaya 1755 celebrates fine watchmaking and the heritage shared between Vacheron Constantin and Saudi Arabia. Further strengthening the ties with the Kingdom, it provides guests with a deeper understanding of the Maison’s heritage, craftsmanship and technical excellence. We are looking forward to welcoming collectors, connoisseurs and watch enthusiasts to this first and exclusive brand discovery.” says Christophe Ramel, Regional Director of Vacheron Constantin Middle East.

What Do You See? 

The first room, “What do you see?”, is designed in the spirit of an art exhibition where technical mastery meets craftmanship. Vacheron Constantin chose Saudi artist Saad Al Howede’s art pieces, to exemplify the ceaseless search for innovation, precision and artistry while remaining close to its tradition. Drawing inspiration from the urban diversity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the artist created a decorative unit “Shamsa” that captures the timeline of the country's architecture while preserving its unique identity. The artwork incorporates elements of the traditional "bisht", such as golden and silver threads, bringing a contemporary feel to the art. It reflects a journey of rediscovery of the homeland, from the Bedouin tents and Mud houses to the modern urban renaissance, and the luxurious handcrafted bishouts with Zari seams. 
Another incredible masterpiece is displayed in the first room, a life-size caliber created by Vacheron Constantin, three hundred times its real size. This artwork gives guests the opportunity to visually understand the incredible level of details and complexity that is applied inside a timepiece.


Look Back 

The second section, ‘Look Back’, celebrates the Maison’s 270 years of heritage, offering a glimpse at the Maison’s private museum from 1755 till 2005. An opportunity for guests to discover some of the very first timepieces created by the Maison, incredible lady models, and some exceptional timepieces produced for Middle Eastern clients. An interactive platform located at the center of the room further educates watch enthusiasts about the Maison’s history. 

Look Closer 

The third section, ‘Look Closer’, provides guests an unparalleled opportunity to step into the watchmaker’s world and discover the intricate process of watchmaking excellence. A great opportunity to challenge their own skills of patience and precision. 

Look Forward 

The final section, ‘Look Forward’, showcases the Maison’s latest timepieces amongst the Overseas, Traditionnelle, Patrimony, Historiques and Égérie collections. The Saudi clientele can experience an immersive journey and have access to the complete Vacheron Constantin offer from simple to high complications including the latest novelties. 
To conclude, Hekaya 1755 celebrates the flourishing future of Vacheron Constantin in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, aligned with the Saudi Vision 2030. With a focus on gathering and community, fine-dining & fire-side experiences, it brings together collectors, connoisseurs and the inquisitive for an unforgettable evening within a cultural environment.


Vacheron Constantin Timepieces Inspired By Art And Culture 

Egerie Creative Edition 
The story of Vacheron Constantin's relationship with women, which began at the turn of the 18th century, continues to unfold. Inspired by Burano lace, the latest model –Égérie Creative Edition – combines watchmaking expertise with the artistic crafts that Vacheron Constantin strives to perpetuate. Tapisserie, engraving, enamelling and gemsetting give rise to a precious timepiece sparkling with over 4 carats of diamonds.


Overseas Chronograph 
The Overseas collection welcomes a new chronograph in a contrasting "panda" version. This new aesthetic unites the sporty character of the collection with its versatile temperament thanks to an interchangeable system for the three bracelet/straps supplied with the watch. In addition to the highly distinctive aesthetic, the technical performance of in-house Calibre 5200, equipped with a twin barrel, is enhanced by a column wheel serving to start, stop and reset the chronograph function.


Saudi Artist Saad Al Howede 
Saad Al-Howede was born in 1975 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He holds a doctorate degree (PhD) in Art Philosophy, he began practicing the art of caricature in local newspapers since 1990 until 2013. Saad Al- Howede had his first group exhibition at the age of 16. This remarkable arrival brought him to the forefront of the art scene. Currently, Al-Howede is a "Laureate of the international art residency, Alma Mater by Alma, in Avignon France." His studio practice focuses on the heritage that depends on memory and recording moments. He works primarily with installation, in his practice, Saad seeks to bring the heritage and depend on the memory as a trace, the role of the archive, revisionist memory and post-memory, as well as the absence of memory in oblivion in his work.




Vacheron Constantin announces the launch of ‘Hekaya 1755’, a brand discovery event that pays tribute to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, combining High Watchmaking excellence with the heritage of the country. Located at Diriyah, the cultural experience will run from February 27 to March 8, 2023. Entangled with local customs and traditions, the journey is divided in four main areas which tell a story of the Maison from different perspectives: ‘What Do You See?’, ‘Look Back’, ‘Look Closer’ and ‘Look Forward’. These four immersive spaces allow guests to gain a more in-depth understanding of the Maison’s culture and history of watchmaking and how it aligns with its yearly theme, “The Anatomy of Beauty©”. The ten-day event honors the heritage of the kingdom through the lens of haute horlogerie, art and culture.




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