Vacheron Constantin and Abbey Road Studios on the same wavelength

Synchronised excellence is the theme song for Vacheron Constantin and the legendary Abbey Road Studios, the venue chosen to celebrate the international launch of the Fiftysix® collection. Musical affinities and joint creative endeavours will be at the core of this partnership, based on common values entirely in tune with the new One of not Many communications campaign.

As the world’s oldest watch manufacturer in continuous production since its founding, precise timekeeping is one of Vacheron Constantin’s very reasons for being since 1755. As the world’s most legendary recording studios, sound precision and innovation are Abbey Road Studios’ mission since 1931.

Vacheron Constantin is proud to be performing a duet with the Abbey Road Studios, based on a musical score in which their virtuosity is fully expressed and will be steadily enriched over the coming months and years with further content and exchanges of expertise.

This collaboration perfectly chimes with the new Vacheron Constantin communications campaign: One of not Many. The two Maisons are acknowledged experts in their respective fields, exceptions within their community, sharing the same values based on their passion, their expertise, as well as their perpetual quest for excellence through exploration, innovation and perpetual self-renewal.

The legendary London studios, which have rocked to the rhythms of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Kanye West and Nile Rodgers, as well as iconic movie scores from Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Harry Potter films to Black Panther and The Shape of Water, was a natural choice in which to celebrate the international launch of Fiftysix®: a collection with an urban, retro-contemporary and cosmopolitan spirit, beating to a modern tempo.

To celebrate the creative partnership now uniting high watchmaking and legendary sound engineering, British composer and musical artist Benjamin Clementine, one of the faces gracing the One of not Many campaign, is giving an exclusive showcase in the studios, where he has also recorded a new track initiated and co-produced by Vacheron Constantin and Abbey Road Studios.

“Music is a fantastic and universal driver of emotions, just like our watches. As we learned to know each other, Vacheron Constantin and Abbey Road Studios discovered that we share the same values of technical excellence, constant innovation and savoir-faire perpetuation, as well as a constant will to share and spread our passion” explains Louis Ferla, CEO of Vacheron Constantin. “As we keep expanding our footprint in the world of music, we could not dream of a better and more relevant partner than Abbey Road Studios; our association is more than natural and pre-empts infinite possibilities of creation and collaboration”.