Opening of The New Place Vendôme Boutique with Masterpieces Created in Collaboration with Qatari Artist Ahmed Alamaadheed

  • Vacheron Constantin celebrated the opening of its second boutique in Doha, Qatar in Place Vendôme on September 22nd , 2022. 
  • The Maison also unveiled masterpieces from preeminent Qatari artist Ahmed AlMaadheed. The accomplished talent created two paintings inspired by the Maison that are currently exhibited at the new Place Vendôme boutique.
  • Through this artistic collaboration, the Maison expands its pairing of watchmaking and fine art to Qatar, underpinned by Ahmed being one of the Qatari artists to  have exhibited in the Qatar Museum to date. 

Doha Qatar, September 22nd 2022 - The luxury Swiss watchmaking Maison with 267 years of expertise, Vacheron Constantin, and its long-time partner Alfardan Jewellery Qatar, celebrated the recent boutique opening in Place Vendôme, Doha, with exclusive art pieces, created by preeminent Qatari artist Ahmed AlMaadheed. In keeping with the Maison’s longstanding support of the arts, the new Doha boutique houses Ahmed’s bespoke work; North (2022) and Hard To Get (2022). These two acrylic-on-canvas paintings capture and encapsulate the essence of Vacheron Constantin’s heritage. These exceptional masterpieces aim to immerse guests into the Maison’s world of Haute Horlogerie.


Artworks Inspiration 
North is a juxtaposition between the rich nature of Qatar’s deep blue North Sea, and the intricacies and accuracy of Vacheron Constantin timepieces. Taking inspiration from his environment, the genesis of the painting is the artist's interpretation of his visual experiences in blue waters, capturing rare creatures of the sea, and interweaving their uniqueness with the Maison’s distinctive timepieces. Through his art, Ahmed has showcased the impeccable attention to detail and one-of-a-kind history the Maison represents weaving back in to the ‘One Of Not Many’ brand motto. 

The second art piece, Hard To Get, encapsulates the richness of the Maison’s treasures, in the visual vehicle of the Qatari seabed. The journey of discovery in the artwork parallels the journey that which a collector would have in the boutique, making the painting a metaphorical deep dive into the brand’s iconography in a discerning quest for the outstanding. 

Christophe Ramel, Middle East Regional Brand Director of Vacheron Constantin explains, “In celebration of the opening of Vacheron Constantin boutique at Place Vendôme Qatar, we are delighted to strengthen the constant commitment of our Maison to the Qatari local community with the milestone of this collaboration. Our Maison pillars of excellence and of rarity and our unparalleled historical archives resonate with Qatar values and allowed us to inspire Ahmed AlMadheed’s boundless creativity and passion. Through this unique exhibition, we are continuing to support the artistic community, as the values of Vacheron Constantin honor timeless creations.”


Place Vendôme Doha Boutique 
The space at Place Vendôme is a refined and sophisticated demonstration of the Maison’s commitment to incorporating local design and traditional values. The Boutique echoes the precision found in its timepieces through the world of noble textured material that visitors are drawn to. Two VIP rooms are available for a more intimate and private atmosphere, allowing collectors to immerse in the culture, history and excellence that defines the Maison.


Artistic Collaboration with Ahmed Bin Majed AlMaadheed 
Vacheron Constantin has perpetuated a deep commitment to art, culture, and heritage since the very beginning. Today, the Maison stands strong cultivating its passion for the arts and has showcased these values through creative & artistic partnerships, illustrated by numerous efforts. Most recently, the Maison’s partnership with the Louvre and the launch of Métiers d’Art – Tribute to great civilisations timepieces, embodies Vacheron Constantin’s unwavering dedication to the conservation, preservation and transmission of artistic craft.

Renowned for his iconic portrait of the Emir of Qatar, HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, ‘Tamim Al Majd’, revealing his extraordinary capabilities while boosting the Qatari national identity, Ahmed AlMaadheed’s work is aligned with the country’s focus on developing culture and an appreciation for fine arts. This explains why his portrait ‘Tamim al Majd’ is now a synonymous expression of patriotism, adored by Qatar’s Royal Family and beyond. An innovator, he is one of the Qatari artists to have exhibited in the Qatar Museum to date.  The Maison aligns with the proficient artist in many ways, including the desire to pass on knowledge to others. Similar to the Vacheron Constantin “One of Not Many” Mentorship Program, Ahmed has created an incubator to support emerging Qatari artists.

"The opportunity to create two artworks, inspired by my extraordinary access to brand archives, sketches, creations and rarities, allowed me to showcase the visual journey one would have when stepping into the Doha boutique. Qatar shares a long-standing history with the Maison, and I want viewers to be instantly immersed in the world of Vacheron Constantin. The complexities of references in the painting are my vehicle to resemble the Maison’s prowess in watchmaking.” Ahmed AlMaadheed proclaims.

Ahmed’s timepiece of choice is the Patrimony moon phase retrograde date, which he wears as the epitome of stylistic pureness. Aligned with his sleek, elegant aesthetic, this watch reflects a deliberately minimalist approach, striking a beautiful balance between taut lines and curves.


Vacheron Constantin opened its second Boutique in Doha, Qatar, at Place Vendôme in September 2022. The Maison has partnered with Qatari artist Ahmed AlMaadheed to celebrate the opening. This latest artistic collaboration with Vacheron Constantin has cultivated the creation of two new paintings by Ahmed, inspired by the Maison, that are exhibited in the Doha Boutique, positioned prominently in Place Vendôme. Collectors will get to experience a cultural journey and have access to the complete Vacheron Constantin timepiece collections from simple to high complications, Boutique exclusive models and more.


Ahmed AlMaadheed Biography 
Ahmed’s early talents were first a hobby, then fine-tuned and grown to be a professional pursuit. Ahmed rose to international fame when he expressed his feelings, showing love and devotion through the painting of “Tamim the Glory/TAMIM ALMAJD”, which has become a symbol of steadfastness, loyalty, determination, and patriotism. Since then, Ahmed AlMaadeed has become a source of inspiration and interest in the field of international art, especially in the region. In 2009, Ahmed established his own company in media and advertising using his creativity and talent professionally. Through his company, Ahmed has created a set of noteworthy creative works including the design of the 2011 Asian Cup mascot "The Saboog Family", after designing the character of the 2011 Arab Games, creating a distinct identity for the Qatar sports day. Ahmed also used to produce animated series and films on television, and publishes his creative works on social media platforms consistently displaying his talent in drawing, believing in his message and artistic work.


Boutique address: 
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