One Of Not Many, A Series Of Exclusive Experiences In Mexico


Vacheron Constantin, the oldest watch manufacturer in continuous operation, has been constantly reinventing itself while staying true to the purest Fine Watchmaking traditions for more that 260 years. Over centuries, it has acquired and nurtured the technical, aesthetic, artistic and human means required to express its vision of time. The Maison has earned recognition and respect within an exclusive group of Fine Watchmaking connoisseurs.

In 2018, Vacheron Constantin launched the One of Not Many campaign, which explores the world of connoisseurs: distinctive, visionary, passionate and acknowledged as experts within their respective fields.

Mexico, a country with vibrant culture and rich history, is a place with enormous geographical, gastronomic and social richness. Beyond its well-known façade, there is greatness to discover and secrets to unveil. The Mexican people are creators, innovators and craftsman who excel in their given trades with precision and care – a country of connoisseurs.

This year, Vacheron Constantin will discover local Mexicans who embody the spirit of One of Not Many. The journey throughout the country will be navigated in threes stages: the art of music at Estudio 13, which mirrors the Fiftysix® collection spirit, bon vivant and the spirit of exploration at Casa Madero shared with the Overseas collection, and made-to-measure at Tomorrowland Tailors synonymous with the Patrimony and Traditionnelle collections.

Within each stage, a local Mexican connoisseur will be revealed, and will share an experience that can only be found within Mexico's borders.

Vacheron Constantin turns to Felipe Restrepo Pombo as its official guide throughout Mexico. This writer, journalist and editor will bring to life modern-day Mexico and introduce Mexicans who contribute to making the country One of Not Many. Restrepo was born in Colombia, and has lived for more than ten years ago in Mexico. During his stay he has had the opportunity to tour the country as a chronicler. His work has been published in several countries and translated in several languages.


Vacheron Constantin has been a patron of music and the arts throughout its history. Last year, the Maison launched a collection closely associated with music, Fiftysix®. The collection was celebrated in one of the most recognized studios on the planet: Abbey Road Studios.

Since then, Vacheron Constantin has had a very close collaboration with the London studio. In Mexico there is a studio named Estudio 13, which is the first stop of the One of Not Many journey in Mexico. The studio compares to no other in the country, it houses top of the line equipment and an evident passion for excellence and innovation. Through its halls have passed some of the great Mexican and international artists to record their works: Alejandro Fernandez, Dulce Maria, and recordings for the movie Coco. A team of three friends founded the studio in 1999, purely as a passion project, and one of them, Jose Francisco Aguilera, remains as CEO.

To celebrate the partnership uniting Vacheron Constantin and Estudio 13, the two Maisons will host an exhibition of the new Fiftysix blue dials at the Mexico City studios.



Offering the keys to modern elegance and relaxed refinement. Imagining a collection with a cosmopolitan style that is both contemporary and historically inspired. Such is the personality of the Fiftysix collection.

The launch of the collection at London’s famous Abbey Road Studios was the opportunity for the Maison to announce an exclusive partnership with this legendary location in music history, where English songartist Benjamin Clementine, one of the faces of the Maison’s "One of not many" communications campaign, gave a private concert.

Fiftysix, a name and a date evoking an iconic model presented in 1956, ref. 6073. Through its typical design expressing the particularly abundant creativity displayed by Vacheron Constantin during that period, this collection is distinguished by its shapes - and notably its lugs, each representing a branch of the Maltese cross that has become an emblem of the Manufacture.