One of Not Many, A Series of Exclusive Experiences in Mexico - Casa Madero

A Series of Exclusive Experiences in Mexico

Vacheron Constantin, the oldest watch manufacturer in continuous operation, has been constantly reinventing itself while staying true to the purest Fine Watchmaking traditions for more that 260 years. Over centuries, it has acquired and nurtured the technical, aesthetic, artistic and human means required to express its vision of time. The Maison has earned recognition and respect within an exclusive group of Fine Watchmaking connoisseurs.

In 2018, Vacheron Constantin launched the One of Not Many campaign, which explores the world of connoisseurs: distinctive, visionary, passionate and acknowledged as experts within their respective fields.

This year, Vacheron Constantin is discovering local Mexicans who embody the spirit of One of Not Many. The journey throughout the country began with the art of music at Estudio 13, closely connected to the Fiftysix collection.

Now, the journey continues at Casa Madero, which shares Vacheron Constantin's spirit of discovery and openness to the world, especially linked with the Overseas collection.


Second Stage Spirit of Travel at Casa Madero

Founded in Geneva in 1755, Vacheron Constantin has consistently cultivated the spirit of travel inherited by one of its founders, François Constantin. Active on four continents from the 18th century onward, the Maison quickly set its sights on far horizons so as to expand its reach. The values associated with travel and openness to the world are indeed an intrinsic part of the Vacheron Constantin heritage and philosophy.

Casa Madero, the oldest winery in the Americas, is the second stop of the One of Not Many journey in Mexico. The winery is located in Valle de Parras , within the north central part of the country.

In 1597, King Felipe II of Spain authorized a land grant with the purpose of planting vines to produce wine and brandy, thus establishing Bodegas de San Lorenzo. The winery is know today as Casa Madero and has been operating continuously since its date of establishment.

After the Madero family purchased the winery in 1893, it has remained a family business. Brothers Daniel Milmo and Brandon Milmo, fifth generation descendants of the Madero family, currently head the winery.

The philosophy of Casa Madero is to remain at the forefront of wine making processes through continuous training and development. Like Vacheron Constantin, the value of openness to the world holds true for Casa Madero. The winery is the most decorated in Mexico, holding more than 800 international awards.

To celebrate the partnership with Casa Madero, Vacheron Constantin traveled to the Parras vineyard to present the Maison's iconic timepieces.