“Les Collectionneurs” Taipei, 29th Aug to 20th Sep 2022

  • A representative selection of vintage watches covering the entire 20th century; 
  • Taipei, 29th Aug to 20th Sep, at Vacheron Constantin Taipei 101 boutique 
  • Models “hunted down” by Vacheron Constantin's experts, then restored and delivered with a certificate of authenticity and a two-year guarantee.

Taipei, Aug 2022 - Chosen with patience and talent by the Maison’s heritage department specialists, vintage watches covering the entire 20th century are now part of the aptly named “Les Collectionneurs” collection. The latter continues to evolve over time and is regularly offered for sale to brand aficionados at dedicated events organised in Vacheron Constantin boutiques around the world. “Les Collectionneurs” models all come with a certificate of authenticity and a two-year guarantee – an offer unmatched in the watchmaking world. 

When vintage is second nature 
The notion of vintage is second nature to Vacheron Constantin. It is expressed through a strong attachment to everything relating to its heritage. In more than 260 years of existence, the Maison has accumulated a unique set of archives in the field of time measurement. Engaged in uninterrupted production since its origins, the Manufacture is also able to take care of – and restore if necessary – any watch from its workshops, whatever its age. A closer look at its archives and its private collection of more than 1,500 timepieces offers an excellent insight into this historical depth and the means used to nurture it. From the watchmakers and craftsmen of its restoration workshop to the historians of the Style & Heritage team, the experts at Vacheron Constantin possess all the necessary skills to best serve this vintage watchmaking that now enjoys such an excellent reputation.

“Les Collectionneurs” 
Vacheron Constantin quickly felt the need to unite connoisseurs and aficionados of the Maison around this same passion, leading to the creation of “Les Collectionneurs”: an approach consisting in using the Manufacture’s considerable resources to gather and restore a series of historical Vacheron Constantin pieces, subsequently offered for sale at dedicated events in Vacheron Constantin boutiques around the world. 
"Les Collectionneurs” represents another facet of Vacheron Constantin," comments Christian Selmoni, Style & Heritage Director. “The collection perpetuates this precious link between past and present, enabling our clientele of connoisseurs and collectors to acquire restored vintage pieces directly through the Maison, which is a real guarantee. As for the events organised around the world to unveil these pieces, they attract both seasoned collectors and young generations eager to delve more deeply into watchmaking history.”

Watches ready for a new life 
The Vacheron Constantin Heritage team works to bring together these vintage watches, whether pocket or wristwatches. The objective is to create a representative range of timepieces offered by Vacheron Constantin over the years. All kinds of channels are used in order to locate them: auction rooms, personal contacts with private individuals – bearing in mind that an expert eye is decisive in the choice of these timepieces, be they simple or striking models, calendars or chronographs... Pocket watches mainly covering the years 1910 to 1930 and wristwatches prior to 1970 – with a preference for the period from 1940 to 1960 – are then subjected to a dual appraisal. First of all, a historical evaluation is undertaken in order to authenticate the piece with reference to the in-house archives, which have been listing cases and movements by serial number for a century and a half. Then comes the technical assessment aimed at determining which interventions may be necessary, from simply cleaning the watch to its restoration – the objective being to preserve these timepieces in a state as close as possible to that of their origins. If necessary, they are restored to working order using period components, of which Vacheron Constantin maintains a large stock, or else reproduced the old-fashioned way and in identical form within the Manufacture. Once the process is complete, each timepiece is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a two-year guarantee, the latter being the same as that delivered with all models within the Maison’s standard collections. 
Models unveiled at dedicated events 
Throughout the year, Vacheron Constantin organises special events or exhibitions of historical models from its private collection in its boutiques. These are all special experiences that give connoisseurs an opportunity to discover this “Les Collectionneurs” collection; and Vacheron Constantin's experts a chance to share the history related to the "experience" of these models. Thanks to its extremely well documented archives, the Maison can retrace the destiny of these timepieces that have survived through the ages as testimony to their time and to its watchmaking expertise. Rare and doubtless unique for those who cherish them, these Vacheron Constantin watches bearing the patina of age as a badge of honour are thus ready for a new life.

Watches highlight 
WATCH – Ref. 11442 / Year 1913 
Chronograph history starts in 1877 for Vacheron Constantin with first chronograph pocket watches special orders. 
Back to that time, this type of complicated pocket watches were produced in very low series and were considered as very useful tools by scientists, sportspersons etc… 
This exemplary, showing a very pure and full enamel dial made by hand, is chronometer certified by a first class bulletin at the Observatory of Geneva meaning that watch answered successfully to one of the most prestigious contest of precision at beginning of 19th century. The case back hand engraved "FF", dome engraved "Chronomètre bulletin de 1ère classe de l'Observatoire de Genève".

Year 1937 
A typical example of the design from the end of the 1930’s, this reference is a very interesting example of this inspiring decade, when many rectangular shaped watches were created, dedicated to a clientele looking for exclusivity and willing to escape from the traditional round shape. 
End of the 1930’s and 1940’s, watch design was influenced by industrial design, car design and furniture design too. 
Back to that time, miniaturization of technical components allowed to extract traditional using from pocket watches to new emancipation shapes tied to the wrist and gave birth to shaped movement developed by the manufacture, as present one, and always very appreciated by collectors.

Ref 12238 / Year 1969 
The beautiful timepiece reference 7397 is the perfect hybrid model between a remarkably sporty watch and a dress watch. 
It features a tonneau-shape case with a satin-brushed finishing aspect on the top and very angular lugs incorporated to the rest of the case. This model is part of the early waterproof wristwatches creations of Vacheron Constantin. Back to that time, its three-body case with 18K gold screwed case-back was very innovative and gave the opportunity to wear an elegant wristwatch yet being particularly adapted to an active way of life. 
A patented and very innovative self-winding calibre for its time is the calibre 12‘’ K1072 manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. This calibre is considered as one of the best self-winding calibre of its time with its ruby bearings to minimize the friction.

“Les Collectionneurs” 
Vacheron Constantin Taipei 101 Boutique
Date: 29 Aug - 20 Sep, 2022

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