“Elements of Time” : An interactive installation in collaboration with Singapore industrial artist, Olivia Lee.

  • Vacheron Constantin has collaborated with Singaporean industrial designer Olivia Lee, on an interactive installation to celebrate LESS’ENTIAL, at the Maison’s Singapore Marina Bay Sands Boutique.
  • The installation is currently available in the Vacheron Constantin Marina Bay Sands Boutique in Singapore.

In spirit of Vacheron Constantin’s Less’ential yearly thematic, “Elements of Time” is a collection of interactive sculptures that explore the subjective and sensorial passage of time – representing cadence, flow and geometry. The installation’s vibrant colours contrast against the boutique’s natural hues, evoking an invitation to interact and experience the concept of time. Supplementing the installation, the boutique is enhanced with static sculptures depicting sand falling – capturing the moment of being frozen in time.


“Elements of Time is a delicate concept often gone unnoticed in the modern-day urban lifestyle. We are excited for clients to experience the excellence of Vacheron Constantin timepieces and immerse in the installation which heightens one’s sense of sight, sound, and touch, appreciating the passage of time. ”

Gaël Porte – Vacheron Constantin Managing Director, SEAO

Vacheron Constantin’s timepieces represent Less’ential, where the essence of excellence lives in many subtle details – a slender silhouette, clean lines, precision, and mechanical virtuosity. “Elements of Time” intends to represent the same link - where simplicity is the essence of beauty and provoke deliberation and evolution of mechanisms.

About Olivia Lee

Vacheron Constantin collaborates with internationally acclaimed and award-winning multidisciplinary Singaporean industrial designer Olivia Lee on this visual installation. Her nuanced and narrative-driven approach is agile and distinct, exemplified through creations across sectors steeped in heritage, craft, and technology.

Inspired by ancient timekeeping typologies such as hourglasses, pendulums and counterweights — Olivia plays with the viewer’s perception of time throughout the boutique with interactive sculptures, immersive sandscapes and objet d’art that appear frozen in time.

The artworks

Cascade of Time

A large-scale hourglass with intricate brass details that highlight the unpredictability and turbulence of time.

Pattern of Time

A pendulum that creates delicate spiral patterns in sand, reminding us to surrender to the natural pace of time.

Rhythm of Time

A percussive artefact marking a subjective duration of time via sound through the accelerating and decelerating rush of falling beads.


The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 
2 Bayfront Avenue, B2M-238

Sunday to Thursday 10:30 am – 10:00 pm

Friday to Saturday 10:30 am – 11:00 pm

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