Égérie quartz China Limited Edition: A tribute to Chinese classical attire

  • The first limited edition of the Égérie collection for the sophisticated Chinese female connoisseurs, with elements as a tribute to Chinese classical attire - the Haute Couture in Chinese culture. 
  • The beauty of gossamer pink, opaline dial in detail symbolizes feminine grace and sophistication.
  • A clever interchangeable strap system offering the possibility to wear the watch either on a gossamer pink double wrap-around calf leather strap or on a gossamer pink alligator leather strap.
  • A numbered and engraved 150-piece limited edition dedicated to Mainland China

Geneva, June 24, 2022 - Swiss Haute Horlogerie manufacturer Vacheron Constantin presents a new China limited edition from Égérie collection which is inspired by Chinese Valentine’s Day. This aesthetic work is a hymn to femininity, combining signature pleats pattern made by tapestry technique with a gossamer pink, opaline dial – a new color for this collection. The uniqueness of the gossamer pink can be also found in both the new double wrap-around calf leather strap and an interchangeable alligator leather strap, eulogizing the profile of Pibo, an essential, divine scarf of the Chinese nymphs, and in the world of mortals, a symbolic element in the traditional Haute Couture starting from Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties. 

Chinese classical attire
For the generations and dynasties during the time-honored Chinese history, the sumptuous attire accompa-nies aristocracies, among whom the ladies can be found in great elegance. The gossamer pink Pibo lingers around the arms, exalting the femininity and grace to a greater extent. 

Gossamer pink, seen in the unblemished dainty dial, associates the scene of the dusk amid the mist, a graceful and romantic moment of the day. For the first time, gossamer pink was selected for Vacheron Constantin ladies’ watches, representing pure affinity. The Égérie China limited edition timepiece is freshly evoked by and commit-ted to female charm, the exquisite integration of Chinese classical beauty and western Haute Couture, the two elements eminently seeking for the wonderful characteristics of the woman in horological virtuosity - elegant, inspiring and resilient.

Classic designs and ladies’ watch 
Over the past 267 years, Vacheron Constantin has always been committed to the grand tradition of watchmak-ing, incessantly kept abreast of the intrinsic codes of Chinese females and the remarkable pursuit of absolute beauty. Two gossamer pink leather straps inspired by Chinese traditional Pibo embodied the meaning of elegance and entanglement, as well as bringing the pleasure of changing things up to suit the mood of the moment, portraying the elegance and versatility of a woman. The refined off-centered dial stood out with 34 brilliant-cut diamonds, interpreting the modern aesthetic codes cherished by Vacheron Constantin, and echoes the meaning of “preference” in Chinese. Set with a magnificent form of the “Pleats” pattern, the dial is surround-ed by 62 diamonds on the whole circle. It is carefully decorated with “tapestry” craftmanship which restores the charming drapes of Haute Couture, which is one of the craft extraordinary horological wonders that Vacheron Constantin takes pride in. To highlight a harmonious composition, the crown between 1 and 2 o’clock is topped with a moonstone. Since the popularization from the Art Nouveau period, the moonstone is emblematic of romantic love, identifying ladies' innate strengths that glow gently to exalt the feminine elegance. 18K 5N pink gold hours and minutes hands are whirling around a circular pearl minute track. The Maltese Cross buckle is like a bow on the gift box, revealing a surprise to the loved ones.


Inheriting from the awe-inspiring harbingers of the Égérie collection, the Égérie quartz China Limited Edition make its debut on June 24th, 2022, taking its inspiration from the Chinese classical attire. Devoted to the sensorial approach to watchmaking creativity, the enlightenment from Pibo has paid tribute to the classical attire and Haute Couture going back centuries. Inspired by Vacheron Constantin’s artistic creativity, the model is equipped with a new gossamer-pink-colored dial, an interchangeable system between a new double wrap-around calf leather strap and an alligator leather strap – both dressed in gossamer pink as well – while a crown is decorated with a delicate moonstone, adorned with a circular pearl minute track, the bezel and off-centred dial are respectively framed with 62 and 34 diamonds. Alternating 18K 5N pink gold hours and minutes hands enliven the gossamer pink dial with its opaline gloss. 

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Égérie quartz China Limited Edition

Reference 1205F/000R-B984

18.79 mm (8¼’’’) diameter, 2.22 mm thick
32,768 Hz
74 components
7 jewels

Hours, minutes, date

18K 5N pink gold
Set with 62 round-cut diamonds
30 mm diameter, 8.13 mm thick
Crown set with a moonstone
Water-resistance tested at a pressure of 3 bar (approx. 30 meters)

Gossamer pink opaline, “pleats” pattern made by tapestry technique
18K 5N pink gold ring set with 34 round-cut diamonds
Circular “pearl” minute track
18K 5N pink gold applied Arabic numerals and index

Delivered with two interchangeable strap
Gossamer pink double wrap-around calf leather strap with calf lining
Gossamer pink alligator leather strap with calf lining

Delivered with two 18K 5N pink gold pin buckles (directly mounted on the straps)

Total diamond-setting                            
96 diamonds, for a total weight of approx. 0.56 carats (guaranteed minimum carats)

Limited edition of 150 pieces, individually numbered